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How would you feel if a guest drops in at your place suddenly and comes across dirty sofas and carpets? it would be very embarrassing right? Sofa and carpet have become more of necessary then the luxury for every household. living room being a hub of activity at almost all Indian homes, sofas bear the brunt of excessive usage. from watching Television, to spend family time, to entertain guests sofa is one furniture which is used the most. In the living room is the most favorite place in the house for many people. keeping your sofa clean is to keep it under wraps is Impossible.

We love the sofa as a favorite place in the living room. but less fun if the sofa has some satins or if it is dirty. Many people use washing detergent to clean the sofa, most of the stains get fed but still, it can visible, in such cases Sofa shampooing cleaning services can be very useful. Routine maintenance is necessary to increase the life of aesthetics.

Non-fabric parts

Most of the sofas would be mostly fabric, but any portion of it is made of metal or wooden. You can clean those parts at home by using a solution made of lukewarm water and a mild cleaning soap or powder. But it is always preferred to call the professional services which help maintain the life of your sofa. They use the professional solution perfectly suited for the required material. which indirectly increase the life span of your furniture.

Fabric parts of the sofa

Sofa tends to trap a lot of dirt in them along with a variety of bacterias and allergens. so to maintain hygiene in the house one should clean the sofa in small intervals. The sofa has a tag explaining what type of fabric is been used.

  • If it says WS, you should use a soft detergent or a detergent that is used in dry cleaning. the tag If it says S, only
  • The dry cleaning detergent is to be used.
  • Sofa marked X, only a vacuum should be used, with no liquid.
  • If the tag says W, plain water is to be used.
    A Tulips home cleaning Mumbai offering Sofa cleaning Mumbai and House cleaning services would know all this type and which solutions to use.
  1. Health benefits

    Sofas have a variety of bacterias and allergens. contaminated with such may rise in sinus and breathing problems related problems. Some may have skin allergies too. Vacuuming is the important part to maintain the hygiene of the sofa, but it is not the only solution. The contaminated would go away only with the help of professional grade products and sanitizers. You can hire a Sofa shampooing service Mumbai to get rid of all the above-mentioned problems.

  2. Foul Odors:

    Apart from eliminating a variety of contaminants and allergens, carpet and sofa cleaning services also help you to deal with foul odors in the two aesthetics. these odors arise because of pets urine. You can get a really hard time to remove them except with the help of professional Home cleaning services in Mumbai.

  3. Clean to look at:

    Vacuum and spot cleanings are a very effective way to maintain the hygiene of your sofa. However, hiring professional cleaning services at least twice a year will help in removal of unwanted stains and odors at the same time dry-cleaning the carpet or sofa.

  4. Chem-Dry

    Chem-Dry can provide you with a refreshing upholstery cleaning that extends the life of your furniture while remaining safe and healthy for your entire family. A deeper, healthier, faster-drying clean finish that uses the power of carbonation will have you back to enjoying your renewed, refreshed furniture in no time at all!

Tulip home cleaning services Mumbai offers various sofa and carpet cleaning services as follows:

  1. Quick-drying process
  2. Impressive results
  3. Convenient cleaning whenever you need it
  4. To remove allergens, in particular, dust.
  5. The one-piece shampoo base attaches quickly and easily
  6. Self-contained removable Waste Tray provides easy disposal of wastewater.

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